Additional Services

Available Group Therapy Topics

Groups consist of psychoeducation & members who support each other. Groups are offered both online or in person & are 12 weeks long. Participation is $45 per group session for self-pay. **We also accept insurance for this service.

  • Setting & Achieving Goals               
  • Marriage & Family
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Weight loss
  • Forgiveness
  • Depression
  • Self- Care
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Positive Thinking Skills
  • Coping With Loneliness
  • Triggers
  • Career
  • Fear

To assist in enhancing weight loss capacity, we provide the add on Weight loss Therapy package. The add on Weight Loss Therapy package is $45 per session for self-pay. **We also accept insurance for this service.

  • **Weight Loss Behavioral Assessment
  • **Weight Loss Behavioral Intervention
  • ** 15 Minute Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine
  • Weight loss progress tracking and Assessment
  • Weight Tracking

Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine:

  • GENTLE, THERAPEUTIC RECOVERY –> Gentle, therapeutic vibrations wake up muscles throughout your body, improving balance, circulation and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This, in turn, enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself – increasing motion, flexibility and comfort from the very first session.

All psychological tests and assessments are administered, conducted, & scored by a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. The rates below are self-pay rates. **We also accept insurance for this service.

  • **Professional Personality Tests & Assessments ($99)
  • Anxiety Tests & Assessments ($199/hr)
  • Depression Tests & Assessments ($229/hr)
  • Intelligence or IQ tests ($149/hr)
  • **Career Assessments  ($59/hr)